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Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

There are many frequently asked questions for lawn care and landscape maintenance, so if you do not see your question or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact D&D Lawn Care Services at (248) 930-6185. Our lawn care specialists work throughout Birmingham, Royal Oak, and Troy Michigan.

Q: Why is weed control important for my lawn?

A: Weeds compete with grass for water, space, nutrients, and light. They can take over a unhealthy lawn quickly if left uncontrolled. Proper fertilization, watering, and mowing are vital in controling weeds; a healthy lawn is the best weed prevention.

Q: Why is fertilizer important for my lawn?

A: Grass require fertilizer to maintain vigor and health. The key to applying fertilizer is timing. A properly fertilized lawn is vital. Fertilization will help fight against weeds, drought, and disease. A slow-release granular nitrogen fertilizer should be used to provide essential nutrients consistently throughout the season.

Q: Should lawn and grass clippings be bagged?

A: When possible I DO NOT like remove grass clippings from the lawn. Clippings are essential, they return organic matter and nutrients to the soil. The ONLY time we recommend removing the clippings from the lawn is if you start to see clumping from the grass being overgrown tall between mowings.

Q: Can I apply broadleaf weed control or pre-emergent and still seed?

A: Most broadleaf weed control products need to be on the lawn at least 7-10 days ahead of seeding, can’t be applied until after the lawn has been mowed at least 1-2 times. If you’ve applied a pre-emergent, you won’t be able to seed as it will keep the new seed from germinating. If you applied a pre-emergent in the spring, you won’t be able to seed until the fall.


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