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Our Sod

The sod we use is a blend of premium Kentucky Bluegrass seed variants resulting in a high quality product with a disease resistant, lush, deep green color. The sod we raise is exclusively grown on premium top soil. Sod rolls are a convenient 2 feet wide and 5 feet long and will cover a 10 square foot area. A full pallet of sod is 70 pieces or 700 square feet.

Benefits of Sod

➤ Healthy turfgrass generates oxygen for improved air quality.
➤ It reduces noise and air pollution as the grass plant ecosystem serves as a natural filter for the environment.
➤ Natural grass provides excellent soil erosion control.

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Professional Sod Installation

Turfgrasses have been utilized by humans to enhance their environment for more than 10 centuries. Areas of turfgrass contribute to social harmony and community pride, increase property values and compliment other landscape plants. Natural grass, also called turfgrass, also provides many benefits on golf courses, athletic fields, parks, playgrounds and commercial properties.

The growing grass plants bring substantial urban heat dissipation which results in temperature moderation. Lawns contribute to home security as well, providing high visibility zones that deter potential intruders and open green spaces that serve as a firebreak to reduce fire hazards.


Installation Tips

The area should be ready for installation when sod is delivered. For best results, sod should be installed the same day it is delivered. Never allow sod to stay on the pallet longer than is absolutely necessary or you may experience turf loss. High temperatures or windy conditions will increase the susceptibility of turf damage if sod is allowed to sit on the pallet. If you are installing sod in the heat of the day, cool the ground with a light misting of water to avoid burning the roots.

Give your lawn a thorough soaking immediately after it is installed. Apply enough water to penetrate the sod an dampen the soil below. The easiest way to check is to lift a piece of sod and check the soil underneath to be sure it is damp. Do not over water. You do not want water standing on the sod. Keep the sod moist until it is firmly rooted. This should take about 10 to 14 days. Once rooted you may mow your new lawn at the highest setting of your mower and gradually take the blade length down to the optimum mowing height of 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches.

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At D&D Lawn Care Services we will work closely with you to outline the best possible plan for your lawn. We know how our Sod react to different fertilizer and the different seasons. Get all of the amazing benefits of a custom program by calling us today.

To provide the best service in a prompt manner, we work specifically in the areas of Royal Oak, Birmingham, and Troy in Oakland County, Michigan.


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